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“Tales have a unique and personal identity, just like those dishes that capture you. We, as chefs, have to evoke smiles, but also generate links with the territory. That’s the way, places are preserved, without being noticed. That's Votavota!”

Giuseppe Causarano and Antonio Colombo

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The Restaurant

From its large windows, your gaze goes straight to the Mediterranean from that privileged position on the Andrea Doria promenade in the central Marina di Ragusa, pearl of the southeast Sicilian coast. Passing through the glass windows, inside, you will be introduced to a gritty, passionate room cloaked in full white, from the linen tablecloths on the tables to the light that embraces everything. By enchantment, the entirely open kitchen will appear, a fascinating place where chef Giuseppe Causarano and pastrychef Antonio Colombo celebrate the cuisine that belongs to their Sicily, to their world of travels and discoveries, of passions and choices, of raw materials of which they have a profound knowledge, of vegetables and fish, of meats and spices, discovered in their travels and brought back at home. Votavota, Star Michelin 2024 is a floating place where taste meets pleasure, where elegance merges with comfort, where cuisine meets art and, instinctively, becomes its own testimonial. Every dish is a symposium in which innumerable elements coexist, among them respect for and research into the raw material. The open kitchen creates confidence, breaks down visual barriers, allows a direct conversation, helps you enter their world that will offer you the same emotional intensity as the pages of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


Giuseppe Causarano

Carved into his memory the many professional experiences that made his identity and gave a voice and a face to the cuisine told in the restaurant Votavota. Refined in his choices, gutsy in his flavours, delicate in his combinations, enterprising in daring with apparently distant tastes, respectful of Sicily's food and wine culture, passionate about the sea and travel, thoughtful in proposing his vision. Chef Giuseppe Causarano is a compendium of nuances that in life and in the kitchen he succeeds in transferring to his guests, always confirming that idea of hospitality that is the primary engine of a restaurant that protects everything that orbits around it. The cuisine proposed by Causarano, sums up the vision of someone who has travelled a long way to build his own history and now offers it to be shared.

Antonio Colombo

Inebriating! Like the desserts that captivate the taste buds, like the warm bread basket and the traditional panettone every December. Pastry chef Antonio Colombo has a refined touch, an instinctive empathy, a recognisable style and an immediate identity. His pastry has character, energy and it's dynamic. Requirements that are palpable within the Votavota's kitchen and in that intimate, sunny dining room that evokes harmony, set in a place of vibrant scenic beauty, for those who love sea horizons. Antonio Colombo is a dreamer and his desserts are of such essential taste that they create a sort of emotional addiction. The both the chefs put their stories together to create the true soul of Votavota!



Right from the opening, the intention was to structure a wine cellar with transversal references inside, in pendant with the cuisine proposed by Causarano and Colombo, which is winking, curious, thoughtful, emotional, Sicilian without missing the opportunity for contamination. Also in the selection of the hundreds of bottles present, we wanted to imagine a substantial connection with Sicily, and an ideal journey across the hemisphere. A way to get that travel story that is always the most delicious soul food! The wine cellar is located inside the main restaurant room, shielded only by glass windows. It is a small jewel of beauty that holds stories of wines and families, of dreams and conquests, of places and flavours, of colours and triumphs. Trust those who know them one by one to choose the right journey for you! The cellar is managed by the sommelier Cettina Meli


Places belong to those who live them and to those who elect them as their point of reference for a lifetime. Votavota has a soul that emanates well-being and empathy, that instinctive 'feel good' that contains and enhances the dishes of chefs Giuseppe Causarano and Antonio Colombo. To have in front of you an endless expanse of blue water, to listen to the undertow of the sea, to perceive the salty smell that brings back memories such as wave motion or walks along the shoreline belong to literally fascinating moments. At Votavota, Star Michelin 2024 in a microcosm of colours you will find all the natural nuances that give elegance to harmony.



Lungomare Andrea Doria, 48- 97010
Marina di Ragusa (RG)

Cell. +39 334 1426962
Phone: 0932 239208

Closed Monday all day
and Tuesday lunch
Open for lunch from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Dinner from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
July and August: closed for lunch
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday